Tracker History Graphing Project

Welcome to the Tracker History Graphing Project. Inspired by the UNIX History Graphing Project, the objective is to collect release dates and dependencies of music trackers and produce a graph of the lineage of music trackers in different operating systems.


The input format is similar to the UNIX project. Each tracker family is in a different input file, all files are parsed together to produce a Graphviz input file where each tracker is a node. Trackers are specified by a nickname followed by parameters in the format:
Name to be shown in the final diagram.
Tracker author name.
Release date in YYYY, YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD format.
Optional free-form data to be displayed in the node.
Based on xxx
Indicates that the tracker is based on the xxx codebase, where xxx is the nickname of another tracker. An optional weight and improvement list can be specified after xxx.
Influenced by xxx
Indicates that the tracker was influenced by xxx, but it doesn't use code from xxx. An optional weight and influences list can be specified after xxx.

The default weights for code inheritance and influence are 200 and 10, and new values can be used to change the layout of the resulting graph. The enhancements and influences list is a comma-separated list of strings delimited by brackets, the list will be shown in the edge connecting the nodes.

The node ends with a blank line. Lines in the files that start with a hash character (#) are comment lines. Here is an example node entry:

        Name: Protracker 1.1a
        Author: Lars 'ZAP' Hamre
        Date: 1990-12-27
        Based on protracker_10c [
                Inv.loop instead of funkrepeat,
                Vibrato compatible with NT2.0
        Influenced by noisetracker_20 [ Drumpad ]


You can obtain the tracker history git repository using the command:
git clone
git clone git://


Please send additions and fixes to New versions of the graph will be generated when the tracker base is changed.


Claudio Matsuoka
Sun Nov 4 20:27:41 BRST 2007